About Me - Sculptor Helmut Perathoner in Ortisei in Val Gardena

I originate from a highly traditional sculptor family in Ortisei in Val Gardena. Is that the only reason that I practice my work with such enthusiasm and dedication?

I’m asking myself this question over and over again when I’m thinking about my career progression.

As a young child, I already started working with wood and chisels and always closely observed my father, uncle and grandfather at work.

That said, I was almost predestined to embark on the same path. Taking advice from various masters, I eventually decided to become a freelance artist. Finally I could translate my own ideas into reality and proof my manual skills.

My work as a woodcarver is a very versatile profession which always encourages me to try something new and different. For me, it’s all about growing personally while still maintaining my artistic identity.

I always work in close cooperation with my customers in order to achieve the best possible overall concept. We try, examine, change – sometimes countless times – until both of us are satisfied with the result. Fulfilling my customer’s requirements while being able to apply my own ideas – that makes my work special.

Once a work is finished, a very exciting moment awaits: How does the customer react? Do his eyes speak of enthusiasm?

In the end it’s the enthusiasm that keeps me motivated to go on, every day, 12 hours and more.

Wood sculptor Helmut Perathoner