Sacral art, sculptures and statues in wood of the woodcarver Perathoner Helmut

Art has over the centuries, always connected closely with religion and church. The most original expressions of art were often used to prove the connection between the earthly life and the Deity to appease or honor.

Shall try the sculptor Helmut Perathoner in Ortisei in Val Gardena the best possible solution for your art work to find. After you told him your idea, he produced sketches and models the proposals into sound. He is committed to working well with his customers. This is achieved in joint discussions and make-believe. To this end, he produced photos of the future location of the sculpture. To address the needs of its customers, its flexibility is called for. He made his sculptures in different styles and from different materials, wood, bronze, stainless steel, to name a few by name.

Especially in the selection of a suitable timber, special care is needed. The sculptor Perathoner Helmut in Ortisei in Val Gardena gladly takes on the demands of its customers, but is on the decision to purchase the wood needed his knowledge in order to guarantee the success and survival of the sculpture. Most of his sculptures carved Helmut Perathoner lime or Swiss pine best quality. In the recent past, the sculptor of portraits in depth, it was engaged in relief or low relief. He has portrayed in the religious sphere, for example, Padre Pio, Don Bosco, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II.

All the wood sculptures are made entirely by hand and therefore get the trademark of the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce. They are works that have not only a unique product, but also individual pieces. One to which the sculptor great value.

If it is desired by the customer, the wooden sculpture is painted, that is taken in color. This is another point, the woodcarver Perathoner Helmut in Ortisei takes care of himself and looks out of the barrel it considers most appropriate painter.

Sculptor Helmut Perathoner visiting the Diocesanmuseum in Bressanone to make copies of the new crucifixion group

At the presentation of the completed work of art is like the sculptor Helmut Perathoner even here, because there is nothing more motivating than enough for a sculptor as the artwork can be a satisfied customer.

Gilded tabernacle for chapel altar