Nativity - handcarved statues for the nativity - Perathoner Helmut in Ortisei

Val Gardena sacred and secular art of wood carving enjoys a worldwide reputation. For over three centuries are made in the Ladin-speaking South Tyrolean valley nurseries and exported around the world. The Val Gardena Nativity reflect the art-historical style changes reflect very clearly. The nature of the presentation of the Christmas event is not only a high craftsmanship, but also the devotion of a mountain people.

Nativity figures - Perathoner Helmut in Val Gardena Nativity figures - Perathoner Helmut in Val Gardena Nativity figures - Perathoner Helmut in Val Gardena

Hand-carved Nativity Figures

As the oldest preserved until today crib in Val Gardena, the Adoration of the Magi are referred to (in 1670). The crib is attributed to a member of the family of artists Vinazer. In addition to the Trebinger this family is considered the founder of the Gardena woodcarving. The sculpture workshops Trebinger and other animated Vinazer who are working to abundant timber forests of the surrounding artistic. They were mostly farmers who carved in the winter, so as to come to a sideline.

The products range from the crib to the toy. The demand for wood carvings soon surpassed all expectations: the mid-19th Century there were already about 300 in Val Gardena Schnitzer. The Val Gardena woodcarvings soon outstripped Oberammergau and still are a popular collector’s item and can be seen in the ethnographic museums of Vienna and Innsbruck and the local museum of Ortisei.

1872 in Ortisei in Val Gardena an art school was built. The religious sculpture – especially the Nazarene Nativity – owes the school a big boost. Many famous artists have been trained here cribs: Rudolf Moroder Lenert, Ludwig Moroder, Albino Pitscheider, Alois Insam, Prinoth, Hermann and Helmut Kostner Perathoner.

The sculptors are of particular format, they have secured a leading position among the local sculptors and rendered outstanding services to the very progress of the local ecclesiastical and religious art. Through her influence and experiences learned woodcarving still an artistic revival and their works are distinguished by the mastery of the carving. Her works have been and are realized in wood and bronze. They may be made to be carved from a block or in single figures. Not always the traditional nativity scene is important, and different styles influenced by the works, such as oriental manger.

A hundred years ago was made in the long winter months by the ancestors in their homes carving. Were they the ancestors of the family of Josef Seno maternal manufactured the small hand-carved nativity figurines, nativity stables, so were in workshops paternal great-grandfather, Perathoner the family, as early as 1890 sculptures made from the smallest sizes up to larger than life works. These were then exported all over the world.

Sculptor Helmut Perathoner, member of the famous family of sculptors’ Perathoner from Ortisei in Val Gardena made in the 28 years of his work several cribs all styles from Gothic, classical, baroque in to modern models. Recently, he combined new materials such as Stainless steel and lime as a relief. have all enthusiastic art lovers who are interested in a manger, it sends like a non-binding draft or a sketch. Would anyone like to watch the artists at their work, or have special needs, so he’s happy any time a visit.

Gloria angel 175cm - Woodcarver Perathoner Helmut Nativity angel detail - Woodcarver Perathoner Helmut